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Grammar glossary                           


Prepositions, conjunctions and interjections
Prepositions, conjunctions and interjections B

Astronomy preposition quiz
Preposition desert
Preposition State Fair
Preposition barnyard
Prepositions - type the correct word (easy)
Prepositions - type the correct word (medium)
Prepositions - Harcourt
Prepositional phrases - Houghton Mifflin
Prepositional phrase match
Choose the preposition practice
Preposition game
Prepositions quiz
Identify the preposition
Identify the prepostion

Grammar glossary
Grammar Gorillas
Grammar Activity 1
Grammar Activity 2 
Parts of speech  


Punctuation and capitalization
Cool off with commas and colons
Diving into quotations
More about quotation marks
Title Hockey
Titles and quotation marks
Title Ride
Title Ball
Penguin Park Punctuation (quotation marks)
Capitalization and punctuation
Capitalization quiz B
Capitalization quiz (paragraphs)
Capitalization (ESL site)
Capitalizaton -MG
Practice capitalization
Comma dive (inc. appositives)
Punctuation b
Punctuation campground
Punctuation Game (Eats, Shoots & Leaves)
Edit Dan's Copy (capitals, quotation marks, etc.)
Grammar and punctuation words crossword puzzle
Crazy commas
Crazy commas 2
Commas make things clearer

Sentence structure
Combining sentences
Combining sentences b
Coordinating conjunctions 
Putting sentences together (compound and complex; may include Bristish spellings)
Commas in compound sentences
Using commas with coordinating conjunctions
Spotlight on Clauses
Varying sentence structure
Sentence speedway (independent vs. dependent clauses)
Planting sentences (fragment, complete, run-on)
Sentence garden (simple, compound, incomplete)
Same or different? Game 2  3 4
Combining sentences with appositives
Combining sentences using participial phrases
Sentence Sort (compound, complex, simple)
Sentence combining (compound sentence, conjunction,
Super sentence sort (complex, compound, run-on, comma splice)
Complex sentence bandstand (complex, compound, clauses)
Simple or compound?
Identifying independent clauses
Complex sentences
Complex sentence camp
Compound-complex sentences
Sentence Seal Pool (compound, complex, compound-complex)
Simple and compound sentences



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