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Short videos:
     Fraction and mixed numbers, equivalents of 1 iP 
     Modeling fractions & comparing denominators iP
     Finding equivalent fractions using models iP
     Finding equivalent fractions using 1 iP

Identify fractions on a number line iP
Identify mixed numbers on a number lineiP
Fractions on a number line- drag and drop
Identify mixed numbers on number line iP
Mixed number to fraction with number line  iP
Fraction equivalents (higher terms) on a # lineiP  

Compare fractions  (Solution shows number lines) iP
Numbernut (see fractions section) iP
Fractotron (more or less than half?)
Coolmath (explanation and "try some" at bottom)iP
e-lab parts of a set
Hidden picture (part of a set) iP
Fractions (range of activities)
Fraction information and practice (Variety of activities) iP
Who wants pizza? (Variety of activities)
Fraction Match
Pizza Party iP
Identify fractions with circles iP
Identify mixed numbers with circles iP
E-lab fractions
Equivalent fraction match
Fresh Baked Fractions iP
Fraction Man

Compare fractions (Solution shows circles) iP
Comparing fractions with like denominators iP
Comparing fractions with different denominators
Old Egyptian MathCats Fractions (adding/pictures)iP


Short videos:
        Decimals are another way to write fractions and tenths to hundredthsiP
        Use money to understand decimalsiP
        Comparing decimals

Decimals on number lines
Decimal number line
Decimals and number lines iP
Adding tenths

Decimal values
About decimals
Naming values with tenths
Naming values with hundredths
Decimal demo iP
e-lab modeling hundredths
Write the decimal - tenths iP
Write the decimal - tenths (greater than 1) iP
Write the decimal- hundredthsiP
Write the decimal - hundredths (greater than 1)
Equivalent decimals (tenths to hundredths)
Math Matching (tenths to hundredths)

Fraction-decimal equivalents
"Fractions and decimals" on e-manipulatives
Salon snap
Math Matching
Fraction decimal conversion
Relating fractions to decimals iP
Relating decimals to fractions iP

Order and compare
Drag to order
Decimal Switch (ordering)
Builder Ted (put decimals numbers in order)
Comparing decimals iP

Draggable Decimals (various levels)

 Adding and subtracting decimals
Addition of decimal tenths iP
Subtraction of decimal tenths iP
Decimal addition (various levels) iP
Decimal subtraction (various levels)iP
Power football iP
Cash Out (give change, wide range of skill levels)


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